NHS Blood and Transplant

United Kingdom

About NHS Blood and Transplant

We are NHS Blood and Transplant.

We stand for hope. We stand for life. We stand for helping people to do something extraordinary, save and improve the lives of others.

As an essential part of the NHS we take pride in playing our part to make the most of absolutely every donation - from blood and organs to tissues and stem cells.

The donors who make our work possible do so selflessly, giving life and changing life for the better. It is because of them, and the people who need their life saving and life enhancing donations, that we strive to be the best in all we do.

We are responsible for:

  • Encouraging people to donate organs, blood, stem cells and tissues
  • Optimising the safety and supply of blood, organs, stem cells and tissues and matching them to patients
  • Helping to raise the quality, effectiveness and clinical outcomes of blood and transplant services
  • Providing expert advice to other NHS organisations, and to the health departments of the four UK countries
  • Commissioning and conducting research and development to improve outcomes for patients
  • Implementing relevant EU statutory frameworks and guidance.

We were formed in October 2005 from the merger of the National Blood Service and UK Transplant.

We are grateful to our donors who generously provide the donations vital to so many patients. We are proud to support and enable altruistic donation in the UK.

A single thread unites and connects everyone at NHSBT – our vital role in making sure the precious altruistic donations we receive from the public continue to save and improve as many lives as possible.

We do this by focusing on our key values: Caring, Expert and Quality. These values cut through everything we do and shape how we work together, and with others, to achieve our ambition and deliver our purpose.

  • We care about the patient, our donors, their families and colleagues, who together meet patient needs
  • We are expert in meeting the needs of our customers and partners
  • We provide quality products and services and positive experiences for donors, staff and patients

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