Marketers increasingly hiring returning mothers

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The marketing industry is more likely to welcome back mothers into the work place than other sectors such as finance and manufacturing, a new study suggests.

Research by global workplace provider Regus revealed that more than a fifth of marketing firms (21%) are planning to hire more returning mothers than they did a year ago. This figure is on par with healthcare and medicine (21%), with only retail showing a bigger interest in hiring mothers (24%).

The worst performing sectors were ICT (15%), consultancy and services (16%) and the financial sector (18%).

The study, which interviewed business owners and senior managers, shows that marketers value mothers the most when it comes to their experience and skillset. Over 78% of respondents agreed with this statement, leaving other sectors including finance (69%) and retail (66%) lagging behind.

Marketers were also keen to hire mothers due to their ‘better time keeping’ (31%) and ‘their drive to improve their worth’ (22%).

The survey also revealed that respondents emphasised the important role flexible working plays in attracting female talent with 84% stating that flexible working is key to attracting and retaining women workers.

Commenting on the research, Regus’ global operations director Celia Donne says: “There is a vast amount of untapped potential among skilled and experienced mothers who are unable to work due to family commitments. Flexible working enables companies to tap into this important talent supply and offer returning mothers a way back into the workforce.

“The benefits to businesses are clear; not least, lower staff turnover and associated hiring and training costs. But in order to retain these valuable employees it is critical that firms offer some level of flexible working, such as the possibility to work closer to home.”

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