Digital Marketing and E-commerce Careers Guide: For Students and Graduates

About the careers guide
This guide aims to provide constructive advice for students and graduates looking to enter the digital marketing and e-commerce industries. This guide provides information on:

  • What digital marketing and e-commerce is
  • What digital marketers do and why you should consider joining them
  • The different jobs available in digital marketing
  • How to prepare for your job hunt and land your first job
  • How to manage your career once you get started
  • What further resources you can consult to find out more about digital marketing

We also feature expert advice from companies within the industry on what they look for in students and graduates.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Who this guide is for
  • About Econsultancy
  • Acknowledgements
  • About digital marketing and e-commerce
  • The definition of digital marketing and e-commerce
  • What do digital marketers do?
  • Reasons to consider a career in digital marketing and e-commerce
  • Where to work in digital marketing
  • Client-side, Agency, or Vendor
  • Digital disciplines
  • Preparing for a job in digital marketing or e-commerce
  • Organise your time effectively
  • Find out what you want
  • Assess your current skills and experience
  • Improve your skills and experience
  • Develop a passion and interest for digital
  • Nurture a suitable online presence
  • Finding and getting the job you want
  • The importance of research
  • Where to look for the job you want
  • Graduate schemes
  • Direct to companies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Job boards
  • Networking
  • Applying for and securing the job
  • Writing an effective CV and covering letter
  • Preparing for interview
  • Managing your career
  • Keep a record of your achievements
  • Create a career development plan
  • Identify what roles you might like to do in the future
  • Look at the requirements for those roles
  • Assess your current position
  • Create a plan for gaining the skills and experience required
  • If required, get support for your plan

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